Friday, 22 June 2007

Markets are very Edgy at the Moment

Short-term TRADERS would love it when there is volatility in the market .... and fears are necessary to have if the markets are going to be volatile -- and what type of traders are going to benefit most from this type of market's volatility ....?

Well, due to the very nature of what CFD trading has got to offer, I would say the CFD TRADERS are amongst the first group of traders who could make a killing when the market is going up and down in a short space of time during same day of trading.

Needless to say that in order to take advantage of a volatile market, one must be a fully professional Stock Market Trader.

Yesterday, was a great example of how the market's wild movements can really produce big rewards for us CFD TRADERS:

The Dow Jones started the session going down by about 90 points to roughly 13400 and within minutes it recovered all of its losses and more - soon after it was down again by 50 and up once more to a session high of 13565 and eventually ending the day up by 57 points at 13546.

CFD Index chart

So fears in the market can be great for short-term traders like the CFD traders and currently the cause of these fears are partly due to the Bonds' rates going up and also, some major selling off of the Bear Stearns hedge funds -- In the meantime if you are using CFDs for your trades, you may wish for more times like this as I do ...!!

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