Friday, 8 June 2007

Do You Want to be a Forex Trader

Forex or CFD? Although, these two methods of trading the financial markets have lots of things in common, but it seems to me that a lot more people are trading in Forex than CFDs. If you are thinking to join the millions of Forex traders already out there, here is some good tips by Phil Smulin:

Currency trading a.k.a. Forex Trading must be one of the most controversial subjects of our time and all with very good reason. The world of Currency Trading is no longer the exclusive playing grounds of Banks, governments and influential financial institutions; we live in an era where the Currency Market is available to anyone who can at least open a trading account of $300.00.Trading Currencies have never been more accessible to the individual than now. But like every industry there are a group of role players that make the rules and the obviously they are always winning (making money that is) despite of anything in the market place.

Thousands and thousands of individuals have tried their "luck" on the currency market the past 10 years but only a handful are making a consistent success of currency trading. The average live span of a self directed currency trader is anything from 3 - 6 months before they quit- these are figures that were announced by one of the biggest retail brokers a while back. This makes one think why only a handful are successful and why a whole lot of people claim they are successful currency traders while they are not. One can argue that people would very much like to be successful at currency trading and when they realize they are not making it they simply fake their success by ways of a website claiming that they have discovered the gold mine and the gold.

There are many ways to engage on your currency-trading journey and chances are that you will get hurt, in fact if you go to Google and type in the word learn currency trading will soon realize that every second guy on the Internet has a currency-trading product to sell you.

The proposed steps to start trading are to firstly familiarize yourself with the language used in the Currency Market Place and secondly you need to understand the rules of the Currency Trading Market environment. These two aspects are very important but the most important part is to learn how to think like a profitable currency trader. These three aspects are very important and they are the only potential barriers to prevent you from success. You need to get in contact with a decent Currency Trading service provider, someone who can introduce you to the right and important aspects of Currency Trading. We recommend that you look very selectively when you decide on such a currency trader service provider. Make contact with them and challenge them with questions like "why you should choose them to educate you on the subject of currency trading"? Also check out their website, most of these websites do not give enough information about currency trading and some of these websites simply look trashy!

If you are after decent currency trading education, support and mentorship, you do not need to look further than Euro Traders Euro Forex Trading System. This is a group of Currency Traders who decided to make their system available to the whole wide world and also to back that up with quality support free of charge. What make them different is the fact that they are actually anticipating market activity (like traders should do) rather than discussing what the market have done. "The proof is in the pudding", so the saying goes, so go and have a look at what Euro Traders have to offer and look at what their happy currency trader clients have to say about them

There is after all hope for you to become a profitable self directed currency trader, the question is whether you have the discipline to take the right steps to make it happen. To Your Success!
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