Wednesday, 14 February 2007

Stock Market King

Did that title grab your attention? It probably did that you've got this far! - So what is it referring to...? Let's assume that you have now started trading the stock market full-time and you have made a few successful trades too - (I have seen that happening a lot to some of the day traders I have been in touch during my trading time) - this is the time when an experienced trader would keep his head and would not allow a short term success to get to him and would try to keep his trading strategy totally intact as per normal - on the the other hand if a trader is a NOVICE, there is a likelihood that he or she would get over-confident - this specifically could be very dangerous when one is trading the stock market on margins with a high leverage..

Thus, bearing the above message in mind - one must always be in charge of one's actions and moods when playing the stock market - this game is very much like a footbll match; you are up 1 minute and if you ar not careful, you could be down the next ... in this business some mistakes could cost you very dearly indeed and in some cases they may not be recoverable either ...! So, by all means be a king but a wise one.

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