Thursday, 27 August 2009

Is Recession Over? Does It Really Matter?

recessionOne of the things, which you should not be concerned about when you are a Contract For Difference Day Trader or Spread Betting is the State Of The Economy i.e. whether we are in a recession or otherwise.

Presuming you have already read other posts on this site, you will remember that I have already pointed out that when you are Online Share Dealing using Contract For Difference or Spread Betting you should make money under any market condition - whether the market is identified as a BULL MARKET or a BEAR MARKET should not make a difference in your overall performance as a TRADER.

When you think the likes of Goldman Sachs and J P Morgan have spent millions of dollars to implement software codes, which are capable of trading at the speed of light it would be absurd to try to work out when the economy falls into a recession or recover from it -- trading in the 21st Centaury is a far cry from the times that the likes of Warren Buffet & Co used to make their money! -- So the sooner you will adapt your ways to make money in very short spans of times the more successful and nimble trader you may become in the long run - true this way of trading may be more stressful for some but the odds are that you will be more likely to sleep better at night when your profits are banked under your pillow!

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