Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Consider "Arbing" a possibility

For those of you who have not tried Arbing before as a relatively safe way of beating the market, I would like to draw your attention to this unique method of making money:

I personally have a CFD trading account with more than one Stock Broker - this gives me the chance of getting the best odds from the market - one of the instances which this provides is when two Brokers offer different prices for the same instrument - for instance last night I noticed IGINDEX were offering 6437-6443 for the FTSE100 and CMCMARKETS 6445-6449 for the same instrument. So I grabbed the opportunity and sold the FTSE with CMCMARKETS at 6445 and bought the same instrument with IGINDEX at 6443 - this morning to my delight both sets of prices came close to each other, in fact, IGINDEX were showing better prices, so I closed both positions by buying from CMCMARKETS at 6457 [-12] and selling to IGINDEX at 6460 [+17] - hence making a profit of +5 points in aggregate. I hope you got the gist of what arbing could do.


Anonymous said...

Great stuff Rod. I shall give it a try soon - it seems a much better way of making money than most.

Keep the good work!

Rod said...


Let me know how you get on ...

Also, if you've started trading CFDs recently, you should try to paper trade new systems first!




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