Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Lehman Has No Brothers

With the collapse of Lehman Brothers and the search for more funding by the American giant insurance company, AIG, the stock markets throughout the world have been having one of its worst moments of its recent times as regards to daily losses they have encountered. The "Dow Jones Industrial" lost a massive 504 points (more than 4%) last night during the market hours and a further 100 points when the Asian Markets were going through their "free fall parachuting".

However, if you were lucky to be a very experienced trader then you would definitely be able to take advantage of such market volatilities. But my advice to inexperienced and newbie traders would be, in such market environments, simply try to be an observant rather than a participant of the market -- this type of market, when it happens, does offer an "Excellent Opportunity" for the "Novice Players" to take in, what really can happen when markets go through wild swings -- if you can fight the urge from trading by opening a hasty position based on compulsion, then as an amateur trader you will be quids in and at the same time you will be extremely happy with yourself afterwards that you did not gamble your money away in an irresponsible manner!

dow jones chart

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