Thursday, 3 February 2011

Can You Really Beat The Market?

Does CFD or Spread Betting really work and can you really beat the market?

I bet that is a Question, which every Market Follower or a Junior Trader must have asked himself or herself many, many times over..... and I also bet those of you who had been visiting this trading blog regularly in the past, must have thought at one time (due to the fact that the last post on this blog was nearly one and half years ago) .... "you see... did I not tell you that beating the market using CFDs or Spread Betting is not as easy as it sounds...."?!

Well, if that were the thought in minds of some of you, I could understand, but I would like to reassure you sincerely, that the reason for lack of recent postings on this site has got nothing to do with me being successful or otherwise at trading CFDs. It's just I have been extremely busy both with trading the stock market and, at the same time, have been doing some research on other projects as well - when you have been trading as long as I have been, whether successfully or unsuccessfully, you just want to do other things as well to take yourself away from the boredom of the day to day trading - trading long hours day in day out can really be highly exhaustive in many ways that you would need to experience it in order to have empathy for those who are doing it.

Nevertheless, going by past experience, I like to assure you that "Yes", You Can Beat The Market - it's easily done if you make sure you have learnt everything that there is to learn, which is really a lot in this case!

You must make sure, if you are using a leveraged account that there is always sufficient amount of capital at your disposal.

You must make sure that you increase your stakes at a correct ratio to your existing capital.

You should always insure that you Do Not Open Lots Of Trades in any given moment, specifically if you are trading the Indexes (Indices) or the Currencies (Forex). The market for these TRADING INSTRUMENTS is particularly fast and those of you who trade the market manually would virtually have no chance of monitoring your open positions at all.

In a nutshell, if you apply your trading know-how plus good MONEY MANAGEMENT and also possess all the required tools, you will find that THE STOCK MARKET CAN REALLY BE BEATEN.

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