Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Well, as I mentioned in my earlier post I managed to short the Dow at 12985 and got out at 12950 for a 35 plus which is good going by any day-trading standards! And I must admit my wishes for the Amazon.com to beat their estimates did happen and they surpassed the market expectation of 16c a share by a wide margin as they earned 26c per share - so this may encourage the bulls further to push the prices higher when the market reopens tomorrow, which would be good for those like myself who would like to open short positions at higher levels.


Eric B said...

I'm in DXD as of 1 hour ago. Let's double short the Dow baby! This market is overdue for a healthy correction. "Sell in May & go away".

Rod said...


Best of luck with DXD - it looks good on the chart - very steep downtrend - it has a very small market cap I noticed and I normally have a system to stay away from small companies, plus the fact my broker is in UK and they don't offer prices on small caps.

As I am typing the dow future is showing some weakness at last. If anyone can build up some gradual shorts on it, I am sure it will pay off soon - one bad news it will sell off heavily like it did with Chinese news a few weeks ago.

All the best with your trading and give us your thoughts any time please.


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