Monday, 2 April 2007

The market in UK opened a bit shakey on the grounds that Tokyo overnight dropped a few hundreds while the Anglo-saxons were fast asleep. I bet the guys who were running CFD LONG postions on the Nikkei weren't all that pleased when they woke up and checked their screens - also, hope that they did not spill their hot drinks on the hot spots of their body while in a shock!!

The Uk market gradually got its confidence back and at on stage it went up by 30 or so points - the Crude oil prices dropped a few 10's of cents for a while which allowed the Cruel and the uncompromising Dow future to go up by 20 or so points but it did not last for long when the guys in funny trousers and zebra jackets started taking long positions in the Crude again - I think these guys must have been on the phone to the President Ahmadinejad and He must have said to them "Ve Vill still entertain the British sailors for a few more days!!

The fact that the insurers and the heavyweight Vodafone were upgraded did help the Uk index as well. So naturally, Prudential , Aviva and Legal & General all got on the blue side of the carpet. BTW - this was not the same carpet as the one Ahmadinejad was sitting on earlier on ...!

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