Friday, 4 April 2014

Google's Class Distinction Causes a Split!

The headline could definitely create a feud if it was taken as a political statement. But what it actually is, Google has now split its old shares using a 1 to 2 offering.

The shareholders have now been issued with 1 "Class C" share, and a "Class A" share in place of each old share they held prior to the split.

The split took place on March 27, and the trading on the new class A & C shares started on April 3.

Some market commentators have gone as far as calling the split as "EVIL"! The reason being that the new "Class C" Shares have no voting power, but the "Class A" shares will come with a right to vote at the annual shareholders' meeting.

Now... did you know that Google has some unlisted "Class B" shares as well, which have 10 times the voting power of the "Class A" stocks? The "Class B" shares actually control 61% of the overall voting power!!

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