Monday, 7 May 2007

Rate of Interest in fighting the Stock Market Bulls!

Finacially important week is ahead for the European and the US stock markets as the US Federal Resrve, the Bank of England and the European Central Bank will all be busy later on in the week to determine what the rate of borrowings should be set at - the FED will decide on Wednesday while the Bank of England and ECB will meet on Thursday.

The stock market expectaions for the US and ECB are a no change decision while the BOE is expected to go for a hike of 25 basis points.

So in the case of the US indices it appears that nothing, in the short term, seems to be on the way of the bulls making more headways for a few more days at least unless the bellweather Cisco Sytems: CSCO, which is due to release its results late tomorrow come up with missing their targets.

My CFD positions, if I open any will only be of the nature of quick sclaps and I shall make sure that I have no positions left open by the time the important news are to be released.

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