Tuesday, 15 May 2007

CFD Longs on Hanson paid off

Traders could have gone long on Hanson Plc (HNS), the British Construction Materials Producer, at prices between £6.00 to £7.00 at this time last year and those traders who didn't, today were probably kicking themselves -- after months of bid speculation by different preditors, today at last the German cement maker HeidelbergCement has agreed to buy Hanson for £8 billion - to create the world's second-largest company in construction materials.

The offer translates into a cash offer of 1,100 pence per share, which appears to be the biggest takeover ever in the sector and would create a combined building materials giant, which would effectively overtake the French counterpart Lafarge - so anyone with a 10pp cfd long position would clear 4k profit if they had gone long at 700 pence for the argument sake - whether that was worth the excitement or the anxiety of holding to the position for that long, that would be another topic for a discussion! - as it is, well done to those who did - I wasn't one of them....!

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