Friday, 13 April 2007

Going on from my previous post when I mentioned "trading the indices using CFDs should be left to absolute professionals", this was further reiterated by losses overnight in two major world markets; the Tokyo market (Nikkei) lost nearly 200 points and the ASX200 of Australia fell despite the fact that the USA stocks performed well yesterday with all its major indices gained across the board.

When you are using CFDs, you just cannot afford to make too many mistakes because of the risks involved in losing far more than your intitial investment. In fact if you allow apathy to creep in and you are not on your toes at all times, you can easily lose all your capital or even more at times! Effectively, a CFD trader can never sit back and relax unlike a normal investor who is really not too bothered by the daily ups and downs in his/her equities or portfolio.

Later on today an hour before the US stock market opens, the Producers Prices Index firgures will be released. The figure to look for is the core PPI which is expected to be .2%, anything above that will affect the market negatively and a figure below that will have the reverse effect - NOTE: "the PPI is a real market mover specially the CORE FIGURE".

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