Friday, 20 April 2007

24 hours later!

It was only 24 hours ago when evreryone was panicking to off-load their stocks as there was going to be no tomorrow on sight. Could it be that the "Shanghai boys" were trying it on the rest of us so that they could buy themselves some cheap stocks? But, seriously it is really amazing how investors seem to forget about the bad news in matters of hours with no good reason either - I wish that human beings forgot about their differences in exactly the same manner as well. If they had, our planet would have been a pleasant place to live on with enough stocks to go round for all!!

Just to stress, the Shanghai stocks recovered all the previous day's losses while the West was resting and that together with some great results from the US companies have given good incentives for the major world markets to progress further - as things stand the US stocks are set to have another record beating day today and let's hope for the benefit of the Bulls   Ahmadinejad's men will not come into contact with some loose sailors trying to fish in the Persian Gulf waters!!

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