Monday, 9 April 2007

Stock Markets recovery

It now seems that the major stock markets across the world have got their confidence back and 2 major markets have particularly performed better than others. For instance the DAX30 of Germany not only has recovered from the major losses we had a few weeks ago, it has even hit a new all-time high of 7100 and those who opened a Long CFD POSITION when it went below 6500 in mid March are showing a healthy profit now. In my experience, with the DAX you would be far better GOING LONG than shorting it when the TREND is up.

ASX200, of Australia, has had very much a similar story to the DAX30. Its strength has also been supported by the gains of the heavyweight mining companies Rio Tinto and BILLITON which exist within its index. As we know the metal prices have been very strong lately.

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