Wednesday, 24 January 2007

CFD Brokers


here are virtually loads of firms which accept trading in CFDs; one which I quite like is CMC Markets. They trade in most international instruments and in my view they have a good Trading Platform as well, which I consider as a very important factor in the success of a trader's life. To test their Trading System, you could download their Demo Software to see for yourself.

Another good broker is IGIndex who offers CFD's and spreadbettings in a variety of instruments with a very stable trading platform and fast trade executions as well. One thing against IG I personally do not like is their "rollover" method, which I find is inferior to CMC's. With CMC Markets, "rollovers" are done automatically if the positions are not closed by the client by the market closing-time, whereas with IGIndex the client should adjust the settings to cater for this. Also, with "IGIndex" it takes one or two minutes before the position is rolled over, whereas "CMC Markets" does this very smoothly with no delays in time. This comes very handy at times, you must experience it to know what I really mean.

Where "Margin Calls" are concerned IGIndex scores better, as they tend not to liquidate your trading account if your account goes into a deficit. Instead they will keep your positions open until you fund your account with more Margins! This obviously could work for you or goes against you depending on "which way" your position will end eventually.

For absolute professionals, I would recommend GNI. With GNI you can place your trades in the live system and get the best Bid & Offer prices. Also, you can take part in the end-of-day auctions.

For absolute beginners Finspread might be a good place to start from as they allow very small positions and it could provide new-starters gain valuable hands-on experience.

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